Fix My Credit – Tips

A myriad of people have bad credit and you may be among those who are looking for ways to “fix my credit score”. Fortunately, there are some tried and true tips that you can follow to raise your credit ranking in order to qualify for better loans at friendlier rates, better jobs, and more. A good credit score is considered to be 750 or more on the FICO scale; a bad credit score is usually considered 620 or less. Let’s look at some ways that you can fix your credit score:”Fix My Credit” Tip #1: Assess the DamageWhile your credit score may be damaged, what’s the true extent of that damage? You will never know until you look at your credit report yourself. It is recommended that you check your credit report with each of the “big three” credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union) because each may have a different view of you as a borrower. Look for errors, duplications, and misinformation on your report and notify the bureau that is holding the questionable notation in writing or using an online dispute form. The bureaus are legally bound to investigate all disputes that you launch.”Fix My Credit” Tip #2: Open Secured Credit Card Account(s)A secured credit card is a credit card issued to you based on the deposit that you make with the bank or lender who issues the card. One or more secured credit cards being paid on at regular intervals is one of the fastest proven ways to add significant points to your FICO score. Remember, however, that failing to pay these cards as agreed can also damage your credit ranking – just like a regular card can. Look for a secured credit card that features monthly reporting to the bureaus for fastest credit fixes. Treat your secured credit card like any other – never exceed more than 1/3 of the available balance each month and send your payment in early or pay online to avoid having a late payment notation.”Fix My Credit” Tip #3: Rid Yourself of DebtYour creditworthiness is determined in part based on your available credit to debt ratio. For this reason, paying down the debts that you owe on charge cards and other revolving credit lines is important. Lowering your credit to debt ratio raises your credit score and makes you look like an appealing borrower who knows how to manage his or her debt effectively.